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If you would like to have any further information regarding any of GAO’s products or services, please fill out the Inquiry Form below, and our representative will contact you promptly.
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Sales Inquiries

North America Inquiries: Toll Free: 1-877-585-9555 ext. 601 / 602

or: 416 292-0038 ext. 601 for Sales, 602 for Other Inquiries.

All Other Countries: 416-292-0038 ext. 601/ 602

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GAO INSTRUMENTS specializes in
E1 BER Tester, ADSL Tester, CATV Meter, CATV Instrument
Logic Analyzer, Telecom Tester and Analyzer, E1 Service Tester, Datacom Tester
IPTV Tester, Portable Digital Oscilloscope, Desktop Digital Oscilloscope, Handheld Oscilloscope.
USB PC Based Oscilloscope, Signal Level Meter, Signal Generator, Fiber Optic Instrument
Data Acquisition Card/Module, Handheld TDR, Optical Power Meter, Handheld OTDR