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Portable DC Ground Fault Locator
GAO A0E10003

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Overview - Portable DC Ground Fault Locator

This portable DC ground fault locator uses advanced computation methods and fuzzy logic to rapidly and accurately display the insulation level of a tested circuit branch providing an insulation index and waveform. It is specially designed for use in power generation, distribution, and industrial applications where lines have high capacitive reactance, electromagnetic, and electrostatic fields.

The cost-effective DC ground fault locator is able to efficiently perform fault testing for indirect grounding, non-metal grounding, loop grounding, positive and negative grounding, positive and negative balance grounding, and multipoint grounding in DC systems. It displays system voltage, voltage to ground, and grounding resistance. The user can set an insulation alarm threshold value.

Key Features - Portable DC Ground Fault Locator

  • High resolution (0.1 mA) signal sampling , direct current clamp meter
  • Sensitive ground leakage detection
  • Displays insulation index and waveform
  • Indicates direction of ground point
  • Easy to operate, and convenient to use

Technical Specifications - Portable DC Ground Fault Locator

Grounding Resistance Range
220 V: 0 Ω to 500 kΩ
110 V: 0 Ω to 250 kΩ
48 V: 0 Ω to 50 kΩ
24 V: 0 Ω to 10 kΩ
Detection of Signal Power
≤ 0.2 W (the output power of the signal generator)
Anti-distributed Capacitance Value to Ground
branch ≤8 uF, total ≤100 uF
Direct Current System Voltage
220 V 10%, 110 V 10%, 48 V 10%, 24 V 10%
Operating Temperature
-35 C to 55 C
Relative Humidity
≤ 95%
2.8 kg
460 mm x 240 mm x 120 mm

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