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Handheld Visible Laser Source
GAO C0280003

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Overview - Handheld Visible Laser Source

This handheld visible laser source is used to find fiber faults and is suitable for single mode and multi mode fiber. It uses visible red light to indicate the location of fiber faults from a macro bend point, break, problem coupler or connector or a mechanical splice that is not well aligned. It can distinguish the faults in fiber jumpers, jumper boards, distribution frame and tie-in. The laser source overcomes the usual limitation of the dead zone of an OTDR to accurately detect fiber fault positions making it an ideal instrument for the installation and maintenance of optical networks.

Key Feature - Handheld Visible Laser Source

  • Provide visible laser source
  • Test fiber curve & break faults
  • Perfect helper for use with an OTDR
  • Suitable for single mode (SM) and multi-mode (MM) fiber
  • FC,ST, SC adapters are available
  • Low voltage warning, automatic power off and energy-save design
  • Small size, simple button operation

Technical Specifications - Handheld Visible Laser Source

Emitter Type
Working Wavelength
650 nm 20 nm
Spectral Width
≤ 5 nm
Output Optical Power
≥ 0.5 mW
Optical Output Mode
CW, 2 Hz
General Specifications
Working Temperature
-10 C to 50 C
Storage Temperature
-20 C to 60 C
0.2 kg
160 mm 76 mm 28 mm
9 V/160 mAh NI-MH rechargeable battery
Battery Working Duration
8 hours to 10 hours
Low Voltage Warning
≤ 7.2 V

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