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Signal Level Meter Covers Broad Range of Applications

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Toronto, CanadaGAO Instruments recommends this compact handheld super signal level meter, a versatile and easy-to-use device ideal for professionals in the CATV industry. This rugged signal level meter covers a broad range of applications: it measures and displays signal amplitude at a specific frequency or any carrier as defined. The meter also supports C/N measurement, voltmeter functions, spectrum analysis, auto test and data logging. It verifies proper signal levels for any channel.

GAO Instruments’ super signal level meter, model A0500003, tests analog channels, digital channels (QAM) and FM channels efficiently and accurately. The peak-hold level measurement function in both LEVEL and SPECTRUM modes allow this meter to detect the occasional disturbance. It features a compact size, simple operation, high reliability and a high resolution LCD screen. It also provides a communication interface for data storage and analysis. The handheld signal level meter is capable of providing a broad frequency range and supports return path measurement. The average continuous operating time is about six to eight hours on a full charge. All of these capabilities make the signal level meter an invaluable tool for both indoor and outdoor testing.

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