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Arbitrary Waveform Generator Module

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Toronto, Canada – GAO Instruments recommends its arbitrary waveform generator module which is specially designed for use in various situations where complex signal sources or excitation sources are required. This generator can be embedded into target systems ans is well-suited for applications including automatic measurement and control systems, communication system tests, product testing on production lines, frequency feature tests or laboratory simulation.

This arbitrary waveform generator module, model A0710001, features easy integration, a frequency resolution function, high stability and an excellent performance-to-price ratio. The generator uses DDS, PFGA, and SRAM. The DDS CORE controller drives the arbitrary waveform generation with output repeat frequency range from 0.02Hz to 5MHz with 0.02Hz adjustment steps. It generates standard waveforms such as sine waves, square waves, saw-toothed waves, and pulse waves and frequency and amplitude modulated signals. Additionally, this arbitrary waveform generator can output waveform documents or generate waveforms based on mathematical expressions.

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