Portable Digital Storage Oscilloscope Features Multifunctional Dials and Shortcut Keys

Toronto, Canada – GAO Instruments is offering its portable digital storage oscilloscope. It is commonly used in the sciences, medicine, engineering, and telecommunications industry.

The A0110024 series high performance 8 bit digital storage oscilloscopes cover bandwidths from 25 MHz to 200 MHz and provide real-time and equivalent sample rates respectively of 1 GSa/s to 25 GSa/s. They provide mathematical functions, advanced triggering methods, FFT spectrum analysis and automatic parameter measurements. They have 32 measurement functions and offer such triggering functions as edge, pulse, video, slope and alternative.

With multifunctional dials and powerful shortcut keys save time. The DSOs have unique digital filter and waveform recording functions. They have a maximum 2 M memory depth, a 7 inch color TFT LCD for better observation of the waveform detail as well as Windows style interfaces and menus for easy operation. A front panel print button is provided for saving results or printing screen shots. Additionally, automatic settings functions are provided for fast set up.

This digital storage oscilloscope belongs to GAO’s family of Portable Digital Oscilloscopes. This line includes a wide variety of digital oscilloscopes with different bandwidths such as Dual Channel Portable 100 MHz Digital Oscilloscope, Portable Digital Scope w/FFT which is commonly used for electronic circuit debugging, circuit testing, design and manufacture, education and training, automobile maintenance and testing, Handheld 2 Channel 60 MHz Digital Oscilloscope/DMM and other similar products.

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