Multiple Testing Tasks Can Be Accomplished with This E1/Ethernet Tester

Toronto, Canada – GAO Instruments is offering its integrated E1/Ethernet tester, which is a comprehensive test tool for E1, V port and Gigabit Ethernet link maintenance and failure diagnosis. It conducts 50 b/s to 2048 kb/s error testing over multiple V ports and can be used for 10/100/1000M Ethernet cable tests, flux error code tests, connectivity performance tests, RFC2544 performance tests, and traffic testing.

This easy-to-operate E1/Ethernet tester, model A0050004, has PPPoE, FTP download, terminal emulation and Web browsing functions. It also provides a large number of Ethernet diagnostic tools including PING, router trace, a port location tool and a loop-back tool, thus it can meet most cases of Ethernet wiring tests and bandwidth verification.

This portable E1/Ethernet tester allows both on-line tests and off-line loopback and end-to-end tests. It tests throughput, latency, package loss rate and back to back buffer frames and checks network performance indexes. Statistics for Tx/Rx frames, utilization rate, error frame, different length frame, VLAN frame, suspension frame, broadcast frame are available. The E1/Ethernet tester features efficient data management and allows for simple copy, check, deletion and exporting of tested data. It integrates V series data interfaces and RS232 interfaces for data exchange. The E1/Ethernet tester boasts a large 2G data storage SD card, a rugged dustproof design and a color HD touch screen.

This E1/Ethernet tester belongs to GAO’s family of E1 Service Testers. The family also includes E1/Datacom Transmission Analyzer which is designed for performing comprehensive analysis, measurement and evaluation of telecom networks, PCM Channel Analyzer which integrates an analog signal generator/receiver, a selective level meter, a BERT, a signaling generator/receiver, a ring generator/identifier, a Dialer, a DC loop circuit (ICT, OGT), a balanced bridge and a reflecting bridge and other functions into a single instrument.

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